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Hello everyone!  My name is Suzzi and this is not my first blog post.  I am so glad you have found yourself to my site.  

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I live in Toronto Ontario where I grew up and that is where I create my products for The Lobo Co.  I dream of moving to the country and am slowly working towards a quieter life.  I heard being in your 30's was the time when you come into yourself and it sure is true for me.  It is nice to finally find the things that make me happy, and do more of them.  

I created The Lobo Co. out of a need to create and with a new love of plants.  I am a Sagittarius Sun and Aries Moon for you astro lovers.  This means that I am forward moving with an entrepreneurial side.  I have always wanted to have my own business and be in control of how my days roll.  This year I did a 6 month apprenticeship with a holistic practitioner, Tracey TieF, which allowed me to learn more about herbs and how we can take our everyday products and gear them towards our needs.  I would love to custom create products for peoples needs.  This could be emotionally or physically.  

I recently started a podcast as well.  This allows me to talk, which I love to do, and about new things I am researching and learning.  It not only helps me to remember them by talking about them, but I hope that you too get to learn about something new.

Summer is slowly winding down after a slow start and our plants are starting to curl up a little bit as well.  The weather here in Toronto this month was a little cooler from the start, making us feel that Autumn is around the corner.

I ask you to stay tuned to future blog posts to learn about the Azores, my style inspiration for The Lobo Co and a mega awesome travel destination, plants and their medicines, and new products that I will be introducing.

Tchau Tchau!




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