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I'm a dreamer and I can not lie!

I used to think that dreaming of new ideas and things to do was a crutch.  Why couldn't I be happy with what I am doing now?  Well I am!  But I have so many ideas and visions. When my fingers aren't moving, my mind is.  As I got older and found fellow Sagittarians, I learned I am not alone.

This Labour Day weekend my partner Catherine and I took a drive to our dream area, Beaver Valley.  It consists of winding roads through lush, hilly areas.  Bordered by the escarpment and the Bruce Trail, this area makes our heart swoon.  We often drive up and dream of having our home here.  Wildflowers growing wildly, children playing in the dirt, crickets lulling us to sleep.  As I get older, I realize how important it is for me to live simpler.  I need the silence and the connection to nature.  

On our drive around the area we stopped in to a lovely shop called the Kimberley General Store and were met by the friendly owners Justin and Stacie.These two are the cornerstone of town.  Locals pop in to get their fare and tourists do the same.  They have created a sanctuary in the back yard that houses a grey water pond that is filtered through reeds and feeds the vegetables.  Sunflowers that are slowly fading blow in the wind while two sweet dogs run around them.  

It feels right.  People living in tune with the land, living their true passion, making neighbours happy, and making tourists wish they were their too.



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